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Who We Are

Brandy is a design agency specializing in visual branding and user experience design.

We partner with brands and companies to help them locate their problems and layout plans for improvements.

We create brands, build websites, interfaces and most importantly, we keeping deadlines.


Websites and platforms

We aim to create web solutions that combine beautiful design combined with simple and convenient user experience.


Mobile applications

We as humanity are moving more and more to our phones that's why our solutions focuses on flawless user experience.


Strategy and branding

Branding is a part of the building blocks of a company. Everything from logo to tone of voice. It’s how people see you.

Some of our recent projects.

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Is a service and consultation agency related to machinery and the energy industry. We helped Orkusýn establish their brand identity and published their company landing page.

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Alessa ApS

Alessa's vision is to be the leading debt collection company when it comes to debt created as a result of online copyright infringement, both in terms of image and text material.

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Africa Power Iceland

Enabling a sustainable future utilising geothermal energy, the energy of the Earth. We helped shape the future of Africa Power.

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